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US-2013012173-A1: Enhanced Messaging with Language Translation Feature patent, CN-106896847-A: Remotely controlled driverless storage van system patent, US-2013027473-A1: Charge transfer from a movable object patent, US-2013038399-A1: Oscillation circuit and associated method patent, US-2013056374-A1: Universal and lockable tablet personal computer protective case patent, US-2013059111-A1: Touch fastener configuration and manufacturing patent, US-2013063296-A1: Microwave absorbing composition patent, US-2013072680-A1: Processes for the preparation of rivaroxaban and intermediates thereof patent, US-2013082579-A1: Direct drive rotor with metal coupler patent, US-2013089380-A1: Energy-efficient and reliable operation of a vacuum waste collection system patent, US-2013090425-A1: Aqueous poly(meth)acrylic acid-based polymer solution patent, US-2013093474-A1: Systems and methods for driving transistors with high threshold voltages patent, US-2013104430-A1: Three dimensional foam greeting cards patent, US-2013109945-A1: Electroanatomical mapping patent, US-2013113875-A1: Stereoscopic panorama image synthesizing device, multi-eye imaging device and stereoscopic panorama image synthesizing method patent, US-2013120234-A1: High dynamic range display using led backlighting, stacked optical films, and lcd drive signals based on a low resolution light field simulation patent, US-2013120418-A1: Web-Based Graphics Rendering System patent, US-2013125173-A1: Signal processing apparatus, signal processing system including the same, and control method of the same patent, US-2013129538-A1: Miniaturized syringe pump system and modules patent, US-2013133123-A1: Apparel with Reduced Drag Coefficient patent, US-2013135656-A1: System Controlling Device And Image Processing System patent, US-2013138973-A1: System and method for data obfuscation based on discrete logarithm properties patent, US-2013142402-A1: Method And System For Attaching A Metatag To A Digital Image patent, US-2013145720-A1: Mounting rail patent, US-2013146003-A1: Apparatus and method for controlling actuator that controls opening and closing of intake valve patent, US-2013150534-A1: Isocyanate-terminated prepolymer patent, US-2013169724-A1: Image forming method and image formed matter patent, US-2013190810-A1: Closure device patent, US-2013191997-A1: Orthotic device patent, US-2013197876-A1: KBH Vehicle Weight Efficiency Formula patent, US-2013198359-A1: System and method for navigating and accessing resources on private and/or public networks patent, US-2013206986-A1: Charged particle beam apparatus patent, US-2013209428-A1: Method of inducing differentiation of bone marrow stromal cells to neural precursor cells, neural precursor cells, and uses thereof patent, US-2013209681-A1: Linerless Labels patent, US-2013215194-A1: Printers, methods, and apparatus to reduce aerosol patent, US-2013216935-A1: Poly(benzimidazole-co-benzoxazole) and method for preparing the same patent, US-2013227948-A1: Method and system for converting thermal power, delivered from a variable temperature heat source, into mechanical power patent, US-2013231673-A1: Cartridge system having connected feed plungers patent, US-2013241861-A1: Portable electronic device and method of controlling same patent, US-2013248363-A1: Ammonium gas sensor patent, US-2013251222-A1: High-resolution wave-theory-based ultrasound reflection imaging using the split-step fourier and globally optimized fourier finite-difference methods patent, US-2013251805-A1: Low viscosity liquid dosage forms patent, US-2013254873-A1: Secure controller for block oriented storage patent, US-2013255128-A1: Firearm sight tool patent, US-2013260409-A1: Store-operated calcium cellular assay patent, US-2013276050-A1: Increased cable television tap bandwidth utilizing existing tap housings patent, US-2013286275-A1: Image processing apparatus, image pickup apparatus having the same, and image processing method patent, US-2013287877-A1: Resin transfer molding device and resin transfer molding method patent, US-2013293306-A1: Comparator with Self-Limiting Positive Feedback patent, US-2013300399-A1: Signal switching device and electronic appratus using the same patent, US-2013302506-A1: Aquaculture feed compositions patent, US-2013309634-A1: Room organizer layout aid patent, US-2013311851-A1: Adjusting data dispersal in a dispersed storage network patent, US-2013313312-A1: Code and part associating method and apparatus patent, US-2013314133-A1: Method and apparatus for producing triangular waveform with low audio band noise content patent, US-2013342508-A1: Bending threshold and release for a flexible display device patent, US-2014004616-A1: Specific analysis of ketone and aldehyde analytes using reagent compounds, labeling strategies, and mass spectrometry workflow patent, US-2014004932-A1: Gaming system and method having multi-level mystery triggered progressive awards patent, US-2014005005-A1: Training and Coordination Device patent, US-2014008415-A1: Welding system and method for automatic welding patent, US-2014011637-A1: Automatic stop and restart device for an engine patent, US-2014012323-A1: Multi-axial bone plate system patent, US-2014019826-A1: Split data error correction code circuits patent, US-2014024802-A1: Cyclic crf antagonist peptides patent, US-2014024952-A1: Enhanced Laser Vein Contrast Enhancer with Projection of Analyzed Vein Data patent, US-2014025176-A1: Asymmetric tibial components for a knee prosthesis patent, US-2014032198-A1: Application of multidimensional matrix for drug moleculas design and the methodologies for drug molecular design patent, US-2014039853-A1: Scalable simulation of multiphase flow in a fractured subterranean reservoir with multiple interacting continua by matrix solution patent, US-2014043046-A1: Electromagnetic scanning imager patent, US-2014050609-A1: Oxidation resistant nickel alloy patent, US-2014053124-A1: Thermal analysis based circuit design patent, US-2014057709-A1: Non-transitory computer-readable storage medium and information processing device patent, US-2014066170-A1: Wagering Game Having Enhanced Display Of Winning Symbols patent, US-2014076652-A1: Electric bicycle patent, US-2014083524-A1: Float switch of a humidifier patent, US-2014088259-A1: DISSOLUBLE PDMS-MODIFIED p(HEMA-MAA) AMPHIPHILIC COPOLYMER AND METHOD FOR FABRICATING THE SAME patent, US-2014092066-A1: Advanced receive channel architecture patent, US-2014094698-A1: Cavity filling biopsy site markers patent, US-2014101549-A1: Sending control information to a selected video freed patent, US-2014103524-A1: Electronic device patent, US-2014106575-A1: Directed self-assembly of block copolymers using laser annealing patent, US-2014107730-A1: Electrical Nerve Stimulation with Broad Band Low Frequency Filter patent, US-2014108214-A1: Financial planning based on contextual data patent, US-2014110596-A1: Apparatus for treating ion beam patent, US-2014110606-A1: Near-field optical defect inspection apparatus patent, US-2014120689-A1: Method of fabricating semiconductor device patent, US-2014125805-A1: System and Method for Capturing, Storing, Analyzing and Displaying Data Related to the Movements of Objects patent, US-2014126313-A1: Chip with embedded non-volatile memory and testing method therefor patent, US-2014131214-A1: Low-molecular-ratio cryolite for aluminium electrolytic industry and method for preparing the same patent, US-2014131694-A1: Semiconductor Device and Method of Manufacturing Same patent, US-2014136068-A1: Brake monitoring systems and methods patent, US-2014146102-A1: System And Method For Full-Bleed And Near Full-Bleed Printing patent, US-2014152431-A1: Vehicle safeguard device patent, US-2014155429-A1: Treatment of Cognitive Disorders with Certain Alpha-7 Nicotinic Acid Receptor Agonists in Combination with Nicotine patent, US-2014162332-A1: Method for producing sclareol patent, US-2014167987-A1: Systems and methods for data compression and parallel, pipelined decompression patent, US-2014182046-A1: Garment for children and method of use patent, US-2014182183-A1: Shooting rests with adjustable height for supporting firearms patent, US-2014185666-A1: Apparatus and method for moving image encoding and apparatus and method for moving image decoding patent, US-2014192749-A1: Method and apparatus for supporting harq patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent,

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